Sebastian Stan

Just wanting to be with you

"I want you to know, all I thought about was you today, I wish you got to come with me so at least I'm not alone in this hotel room." Tears fill my eyes and I try to look up so they don't fall out. "Baby don't cry, I won't be able to stand it." A few drops fall out and I sniffle, wiping them away, "What are you doing to me?" I smile then, looking away from the phone focusing on a painting I had on the wall. "Seb you're driving me insane wanting to be with you more than anyone I've ever met."

Charlie Hunnam · Selena Gomez

Our little Secret

"Fuck baby, you feel so good," Charlie grabs a handful of my hair and pulls my head back. With my neck exposed for him, he goes in kissing and sucking as I moan. With his thrusts getting faster, I feel his orgasm coming. "Let me taste it," I say to him. Charlie's thrust slows a bit, confused, "What?" Thrust, thrust. "I want you to come in my mouth," I say licking my lips, but very very clearly.

chris evans

Meeting Chris

I pressed my lips together smirking at him, "Oh I find that hard to believe Mr. Evans," and out of my flirtatious habit, I wink at him. He blushes, looks down, kicked his right foot softly in the ground and puts both hands in his pockets then looks up at me. "I wanted to say hi, I wanted to know your name, truth is I was hoping I could take you out to dinner sometime."